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Developers Meeting on Weds, November 16, 2011

titleREMINDER: Meeting is one hour earlier in the USA/Canada

Please note that because Daylight Savings Time has ended in USA/Canada, the meeting is one hour earlier than it used to be. So, now 20:00 UTC translates to 3:00PM EST.


Regular Items

  1. JIRA Catch-Up – starting with issue DS-892

Discussion Topics

  1. Release Coordination - Do we stay with a single (or co-) Release Coordinator(s)? Or do we move towards a Release Team (likely 2-5 people) who can help a Coordinator to organize the release, send out deadline reminders, pester about Documentation as needed, etc.
    • Some background: In recent releases, we've just had single RCs – however Tim has often been highly involved as almost a co-RC at times. As our group of committers grows (now at 23 people) it becomes harder and harder for a single person to manage & stay on top of all the various new features, whether all necessary docs are written, etc. etc.
    • The idea/goal here is that hopefully "more hands make light work". If we can get more people directly involved with the release coordination activities, then it may help lessen the burden or time required by any one person. In addition, it will give others an opportunity to formally help out with release coordination (as members of the Release Team), and get more comfortable with the process of coordinating a release.
  2. -Cancel meeting next week (Nov 23)? It's just before the USA Thanksgiving holiday, and many may be traveling (Tim won't be available).-
    • There will be a meeting next week. Likely it will just involve a quick JIRA review though!

Individual Status Updates

If you have status items to report, please enter them below at least 1 hour before the meeting starts.


  • Just a friendly reminder about our new DSpace Developers Discussion List page for us to keep track of topics needing discussion (and volunteers willing to lead that discussion). Please add to this list or update it!
  • Richard Rodgers & I are working on releasing a "1.0" version of the DSpace Replication Suite plugin by end of November. This is a set of Backup & Restore curation tasks that missed being released in 1.8.0. These curation tasks will support backup/restore to/from local filesystem, mounted filesystem or DuraCloud. More info on above wiki page.

Meeting Notes


Jira Review, Discussion of a Release Team to support Release Coordinator, DS-1070 (likely will need a 1.8.1)

  • Most seem in favor of the concept of a Release Team (RT): "The RT is rather similar to a "group of committers who have volunteered to help" – but, becoming a member of the RT actually means you are setting aside a small amount of time (1-2hrs a week, if that) to chip in on the release (in whatever way is needed)"
  • Discussed DS-1070, which has been confirmed as a bug (by several folks including Scott Phillips). Likely this will necessitate a 1.8.1 at some point (even though it's not a bug specific to 1.8.0, it seems like this is a fix that many would be interested in).

Meeting Transcript

Action Items

Action items coming out of this meeting go here, if any.

  • Update the ReleaseCoordinating page to better outline Release Processes
    • Add "Update this document with lessens learned" as the final task of any release.