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Developers Meeting on Weds, November 9, 2011

titleMeeting is one hour earlier in the USA/Canada

Please note that because Daylight Savings Time has ended in USA/Canada, the meeting is one hour earlier than it used to be. So, now 20:00 UTC translates to 3:00PM EST.


Regular Items

  1. The return of JIRA Catch-Up – starting with issue DS-886
  2. Congratulations on 1.8.0 Release! (Thanks to Robin Taylor!)

Discussion Topics

  1. Slight format change to these meetings
    • This is a new "meeting template" we can use for every meeting. I'd like to encourage us all to enter items into the weekly agenda or post "status updates" on anything you feel may be of interest to others.
    • The goal is to avoid using up too much meeting time for general "status updates", and keep more time for Discussion or Q&A. Instead, everyone is encouraged to post any important status updates before the meeting begins. That way folks can ask questions or clarification during the meeting if necessary.
  2. New DSpace Developers Discussion List page for us to keep track of topics needing discussion (and volunteers willing to lead that discussion). Please add to this list or update it!
  3. What do we want to call the next version of DSpace (3.0, 2012, 12, something else)? (taking an item from the above list)
    • Subtopic: Do we want to simplify our version numbering scheme? Move towards "major.minor" rather than "major.minor.subminor"? E.g. If we had a "3.0" version, it's bug fix releases would be numbered "3.1", "3.2", etc. The next major release would be called "4.0".

Individual Status Updates

If you have status items to report, please enter them below at least 1 hour before the meeting starts.


  • At our last DuraSpace all-staff meeting, as a group we discussed ways to try and "get more out of online meetings". This general meeting template was generated as a way to keep meetings 'useful', and attempt to keep more time for discussion & less time for "general status updates" which can be just as easily reported 'offline'.

Meeting Notes


Next DSpace version will likely be 3.0 (at least based on those in attendance

Meeting Transcript

Action Items

Action items coming out of this meeting go here, if any.

  • Email dspace-commit on decisions made regarding next version of DSpace.