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Developers Meeting on Weds, October 26, 2011


  • Updates on 1.8.0 Release (Robin T is on holiday this week)
    • 1.8.0 Release Schedule - Do we release Oct 28 or Nov 4?
      • Do we want a 1.8.0RC4 to ensure that we have the SWORD2 issues fully resolved?
      • Any other outstanding issues? Or are we mostly "done"?
  • 1.8.0 Wiki Documentation "release"
    • Should we move 1.8.0 docs to the existing "DSDOC" space, or create a new space called "DSDOC18"?
    • There are pros/cons to each approach:
      • Having a generic DSDOC space: One place to always link to for latest docs, but that content is always changing & old links may "break" if a page changes names between version, etc.
      • Having a version specific area (e.g. DSDOC18): The latest docs are not always in the same place. But, we can then link easier to older versions on docs on Wiki. Old spaces could become "read-only" eventually, but could still be there for reference as needed. This route is slightly easier to manage, as you are never copying/replacing existing content in a space.
  • We still need more eyes on Documentation (especially Upgrade & Installation docs)
    • Documentation that is still missing:
      • Various New Curation Tasks (Link Checker, MS Translator, etc) (Kim Shepherd?)

1.8.0 Bugs/Issues which are open (direct link)

Jira Issues
titleOpen Issues Scheduled for 1.8.0

On the "back burner"

Possible Future Topics for "Special Topics" meetings

  • Improving our release processes so they rely less on Tim as backup support ("growing our team members"). Possible ideas include having a "Release Coordination Team" (2-3 committers), and potentially also having an "apprentice" role on that others can learn more about the entire process.
  • Discussions on ways to better Aggregate & "Clean" Solr Statistics (keeping everything makes the indexes way too large & hinders performance). See this dspace-tech email thread:



1.8.0 updates & another small delay. 1.8.0 Wiki Documentation management.

Meeting Transcript