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  • Bertrand Caron, Ricc Ferrante, Maria Gould, John Jung, John Kunze, Donny Winston


tutorials, blog posts

Discussion items


Mark Phillips from the University of North Texas offered to move our website from WordPress to GitHub Pages. GitHub Pages will be free, and it might be a little easier for us to collaborate as a group. That's underway, and we can check to see if this gives us the functionality we want. We still have some user facing documentation on the Confluence Wiki- some in French, Spanish, and English.

Any news items we should blog about? Any calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings we should note? Please add to Calendar of events.

DW and JK are running an ARK tutorial at the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries ARK tutorial. 

JK brought up that Sarah Kansa, zooarchaeologist, is using ARKs. That may be an interesting blog post.

We brainstormed a bit about a podcast. DW shared as useful software for getting one up and running quickly.

RF suggested setting up a queue for promotional content. We could request user stories from organizations using ARKs who could respond in either podcast or blog format. RF will be at iPRES.

MG recommended a short, straightforward template to guide respondents.  RF suggested "what are you doing", "how has it gone", and "do you have a reseracher story to share?" as questions.  For podcasts, DW suggested episodes of 5-10 minutes, with minimal editing, recording sessions of 30 minutes, and WhisperAI to transcribe interviews for blog posts.

ARK tutorial experiences

After tutorials, we give participants sticky notes, asking them to write what they liked and didn't like. They seem to like the tutorials in general, but they would also like to see more concrete examples of work with ARKs. Those examples take time to research and cover in a tutorial though. Beyond that, we don't know if we should spend our time improving the tooling for ARKs or promoting them.

MG asked about what kinds of tools. There are a few different ARK minting codes that are out there, but JK would like to see a freely hosted minting service that anyone could use. Additional possibilities include something to verify ARKS, or a reference implementation to be sure people have implemented ARKs correctly. JJ would have liked to see a reference implementation, eg, to verify if he'd implemented check digits correctly

MG mentioned that there are different user groups, from brand new users who might be less equipped to get up and running to communities with more experience and savvy.

DW feedback stickies from the 2023-03-14 ark workshop @ princeton :

from previous to do list

  •  John Kunze Bertrand Caron announce CoC to arks-forum and french forum
  •  John Kunze start to add playlists to ARK youtube channel, eg, to CNI, Louvre, and IIIF presentations

BC will prepare a code-of-conduct announcemnt to the French forum.  The latest blog post, the community update, includes other contextual information about what the ARK Alliance is up to. JK said that it is ok to summarize (not translate in it's entirity)  the code of conduct in French.

JJ will take over curating YouTube content for the ARK Alliance- see
new WG co-chair: John Jung

revisit Slack, Discord, Zulip to complement for inter-WG communications
Several group members reported not being able to keep up with new Slack channels. MG suggested a cross-group email list as a first step, and DW recommends Zulip- he'll do a demo at our next meeting. If we decide to move ahead with Zulip, he would like an A record to, for

Action items

  •  Riccardo Ferrante will write up a short proposal to produce a queue with one or two user stories, in blog or podcast form, per newsletter cycle. 
  •  John Kunze Bertrand Caron announce CoC to arks-forum and french forum.
  •  John Jung start to add playlists to ARK youtube channel, eg, to CNI, Louvre, and IIIF presentations.