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jk: ARK spec expired, new draft delayed but published with help from IETF tech support; new stickers in the works, equal sided hexagons hard to find

mg: naan processes changes; probably, won't be a google form; will get away from curators having to use personal email; feedback doc

Any news items we should blog about? Any calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings we should note? Please add to Calendar of events.

news to distribute:

jj: have a little more capacity right now to take on new things

mg: for pidwijzer, have no objection to it going forward but hesitate a little about it being country-specific; would be good to reference it from
jj: no objection to going forward

Outreach WG homepage renewal draft – final round?
dw: move some of the working group support stuff out of Deliverables (to Objectives or Purpose)

ARK spec transition

jk: is 4 weeks sufficient time for feedback on ARK spec transition draft?

mg: seems ok

Action items

  •  John Kunze convert original post into pidwijzer blog post
  •  John Kunze call for final homepage feedback by end of day April 28