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DSpace 7: modificación de interfaz 


Julián Timal, Asesor Técnico en DSpace, eScire 


Se presentan los puntos y aspectos para cambios y modificación de interfaz en la versión 7 de DSpace, y se abordan las dudas de los participantes en el webinar, acerca de: entidades relacionadas con la investigación, referencias para exportación de la cita de un documento en formato Bibtex o Ris, DSpace-CRIS, habilitación de ORCID, entre otros. 

Fecha y hora: 

7 de febrero de 2023, 10:30 AM (México, GMT-6) 




 Activity of the month: Virtual consulting in DSpace 7 

This activity was presented by eScire's technical expert in February 2023. 

By eScire | Puebla, Mexico | February 7, 2023 


A webinar was held virtually at eScire on February 7, given by DSpace technical advisor Julian Timal, in which various aspects of DSpace 7: interface modification were discussed. 

The event was open access, through the organization's social networks. 


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 In this webinar the DSpace expert explained several important topics and aspects around the interface for DSpace version 7. 

Julian started by projecting his presentation and mentioning the list of requirements needed for DSpace 7, some of these were: UNIX-like OS, Yarn (v1.x), and so on. He tells the viewers that they can perform all these modifications on the Linux operating system or on Windows, however, this time he was working with Windows. The topics he addressed were: DSpace 7 requirements and installation, he shared specific paths of information for backend and frontend modifications, and so on. 

Later, throughout the presentation, Julian was explaining step by step the process to start working on the DSpace 7 interface, for this he was guided by the main and official DSpace page, because there is the true and updated information, because every change that is presented in the DSpace versions, in this platform can be viewed.   

Every change that Julian made, he explained it with the official DSpace page and then on the platform where he applied the backend and frontend modifications, so that the viewers would have an idea of how the interface looks on screen, especially because many issues were technical through codes and commands. 

At the end of his session, Julian opened the floor to answer the various questions that the public sent us through a form posted on our social networks, as well as questions and comments in real time.  

Among the questions asked by the public were topics such as: entities related to research, references for exporting the citation of a document in Bibtex or Ris format, DSpace-CRIS, ORCID enablement, etcetera.   

At the end of the event, participants were invited to stay tuned for the next Lyrasis activities to continue solving DSpace doubts. 

Technical data 


DSpace 7: interface modification 


Julián Timal, Technical Advisor at DSpace, eScire 


The points and aspects for interface changes and modifications in DSpace version 7 are presented, and the doubts of the participants in the webinar are addressed, about: entities related to research, references for exporting the citation of a document in Bibtex or Ris format, DSpace-CRIS, ORCID enablement, among others. 


February 7 2023, 10:30 AM (Mexico, GMT-6)