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Este evento Esta actividad fue presentado por el técnico experto de la empresa eScire en enero de 2023. 


Al finalizar el evento, se invitó a los participantes a estar atentos para las siguientes actividades de Lyrasis y así continuar resolviendo dudas de DSpace. 

Ficha técnica 


Actualización a DSpace 7: preparación del ambiente 


Julián Timal, Asesor Técnico en DSpace, eScire 


Se presentan los puntos y aspectos para realizar la actualización a la versión 7 de Dspace, así como la preparación del ambiente para esta versión y se abordan las dudas de los participantes en la asesoría, acerca de: entornos adecuados para la instalación de DSpace en Linux, características del servidor para almacenar archivos de PDF, recomendaciones de distribuciones para Linux, configuración de handle, entre otros. 

Fecha y hora: 

17 de enero de 2023, 10:30 AM (México, GMT-6) 




Activity of the month: Virtual consulting in DSpace 7 

This activity was presented by eScire's technical expert in January 2023. 

By eScire | Puebla, Mexico | January 17, 2023 

A webinar was held virtually at eScire on January 17, 2009, given by DSpace technical advisor Julian Timal, in which various aspects of the DSpace 7 Upgrade: preparing the environment were discussed. 

 The event was open access, through the organization's social networks.  

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In this consultancy, the DSpace expert explained various aspects and important points to consider when upgrading to DSpace 7. Julian Timal mentioned that in the session he will address technical issues, but explaining basic (non-technical) aspects. 

Julian began by showing a presentation on technical recommendations and why it is a good option to migrate to DSpace version 7. He told the viewers how they can enter the DSpace platform and shared with them the accesses. The topics he covered were: entity configuration, items, integrated image viewer, video playback, DSpace servers, what's new in DSpace 7 and so on. 

Throughout the presentation, Julian explained the tools available in this version of DSpace and then explained extensively and punctually the configurations that can be performed technically with commands and code. 

At the end of his session, Julian opened the floor for participants to ask questions and make comments in real time with examples within a DSpace demo. 

Questions from the audience covered topics such as: suitable environments for DSpace installation on Linux, server features for storing PDF files, Linux distribution recommendations, handle configuration, and so on. 

At the end of the event, participants were invited to stay tuned for the next Lyrasis activities to continue solving DSpace doubts. 

Technical data 


Upgrading to DSpace 7: Preparing the environment. 


Julian Timal, DSpace Technical Advisor, eScire. 


The points and aspects to upgrade to version 7 of Dspace are presented, as well as the preparation of the environment for this version and the doubts of the participants in the consultancy about: suitable environments for the installation of DSpace in Linux, characteristics of the server to store PDF files, recommendations of distributions for Linux, handle configuration, among others. 

Date and time: 

January 17, 2023, 10:30 AM (Mexico, GMT-6)