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Developers Meeting on Weds, March 30, 2011


  • Congrats on 1.7.1 Release!
    • Released a little late (Monday), cause of misconfiguration of a few pom.xml files (which caused initial attempts at release to fail). These have been resolved now.
  • Next Release: 1.8.0? 1.8.0 Beta1 in June?
  • GSoC 2011 Updates & Discussion
    • Still looking for Ideas & Mentors! Student Application Process has begun (deadline: April 8)!
    • Do we want to begin reviewing these ideas together?
  • Reminder: GSoC General Reminders:
    • New GSoC Mailing Lists this year (shared with Fedora & DuraCloud):
      • duraspace-gsoc : Public list (anyone can join), but mostly for Mentor & Student discussions, public feedback, cross-project collaboration opportunities, etc.
      • duraspace-gsoc-mentors : Private List (Mentors/Admins only) for GSoC administrative purposes only
    • Important Dates (full timeline)
      • March 28 - April 8: Student Application period
      • April 22: Deadline for Ranking student applications & finalizing projects
      • May 23: GSoC Begins
      • August 22: GSoC Ends

Topics in the Waiting...

  • Topics which are still on the "back burner" (which need someone to lead a "Special Topic" meeting around them)
    • Discuss improving how DSpace handles Metadata (From past meetings discussions, this seems popular). Several ideas mentioned recently:
      • Updating to current DCMI standards: DS-805
      • Creating a new "dspace" internal usage schema (for administrative, or non-DC metadata)? Formalize the "dc" schema to be strictly valid QDC/DC?
      • Metadata on all DSpace objects (not just Items)
    • Discuss forming a "Documentation Management Team"? Or reworking our procedures for managing/reviewing/approving Docs on the Wiki.
      • UPDATE: Jeff Trimble will lead a discussion on this in April or May. Still working on date.
    • More discussion of Proposed RoadMap to 2.0 before OR11
      • In meantime, feel free to forward thoughts on to Tim or everyone (via dspace-devel or dspace-commit).

Meeting Notes


JIRA Review, 1.7.1, GSoC Project Ideas Reviews, 1.8.0 as next release

  • JIRA Review, ended with DS-764
  • Congrats to all on 1.7.1
  • 1.8.0 Decided will be next release (unless major issue pops up in 1.7.1).
    • Developers should now be working primarily out of SVN Trunk. We will only revisit 1.7.x branch if we need to resolve a major issue in 1.7.1
  • Quick Review of all GSoC Ideas posted at: DSpace Summer of Code Ideas
    • See transcript below for full discussion.

Meeting Transcript