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Developers Meeting on Weds, March 9, 2011


  • GSoC 2011
    • DuraSpace will be applying (Tim is writing application)
    • Fedora & DuraCloud may also take part. They will be coming up with project ideas & looking for mentors. Assuming all goes well, they hope to also have a GSoC project or two.
    • Tasks for all of us:
      • Begin brainstorming project DSpace ideas
      • Locate interested mentors – who is interested this year?
    • Important Dates (full timeline)
      • March 18: Accepted Organizations announced
      • March 28 - April 8: Student Application period
      • April 22: Deadline for Ranking student applications & finalizing projects
      • May 23: GSoC Begins
      • August 22: GSoC Ends
  • Backup Release Coordinator?
    • It's been a while since we've specified a backup coordinator. But, I'd like to suggest we start it again, as it will help us all to become more comfortable with the release processes (Maven), etc.
    • Release process is still too reliant on the few of us who understand it (namely Tim D & Mark D). We need to spread out this knowledge, and get us all more comfortable with Maven releases.
    • Should we name a backup coordinator for 1.8, to collaborate/help Robin as necessary?
  • Any 1.7.1 updates?
  • NEXT WEEK (MARCH 16): Special Topics Meeting on "DSpace RoadMap to 2.0". Tim will send out a proposed RoadMap later this week for us to discuss / comment on, etc. It is meant to begin what will likely be an ongoing discussion.
    • DAYLIGHT SAVINGS REMINDER FOR THOSE IN USA : Daylight Savings time starts next weekend, which means our March 16th meeting will be one hour LATER (as mtg will continue to start at 20:00 UTC)
  • Topics which are still on the "back burner" (which need someone to lead a "Special Topic" meeting around them)
    • Discuss improving how DSpace handles Metadata (From past meetings discussions, this seems popular). Several ideas mentioned recently:
      • Updating to current DCMI standards: DS-805
      • Creating a new "dspace" internal usage schema (for administrative, or non-DC metadata)? Formalize the "dc" schema to be strictly valid QDC/DC?
      • Metadata on all DSpace objects (not just Items)
    • Discuss forming a "Documentation Management Team"? Or reworking our procedures for managing/reviewing/approving Docs on the Wiki.

Meeting Notes


JIRA review, GSoC discussion, 1.8.0 backup coordinator, 1.7.1 updates

  • JIRA Review - Ended with DS-731
  • Google Summer of Code (GSOC) - Initial call for Projects & Mentors. Fedora & DuraCloud also hoping to take part this year
    • Discussion of having a repeat project on REST API for GSoC
  • Discussion about accidental Trunk breakage
    • Temporary breakage is OK, but longer than a few days can be detrimental
  • Call for 1.8.0 Backup Release Coordinator
    • Peter Dietz has volunteered for this role
    • Robin Taylor is primary RC for 1.8
  • 1.7.1 Updates
  • U of Minho add-on submissions to JIRA (See above listing). Developers encouraged to look at these patches/addons and review for 1.8.0.

Meeting Transcript