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Developers Meeting on Weds, February 23, 2011


  • Revisiting 1.7.1 Release
    • We are starting to see some 1.7.0 issues coming in, that we may want to fix sooner rather than later:
    • Some more important issues include:
      • DS-785 : SWORD deposits fail when ingest events are fired if Discovery event consumer is configured
      • DS-821 : AbstractMETSIngester creates an item before adding descriptive metadata (Causing incomplete emails to sent out when deposits occur via SWORD)
      • DS-675 : XMLUI doesn't start if the error level in the is set to DEBUG
    • Do we feel it's time to schedule a 1.7.1 release?
  • NEXT WEEK (MARCH 2): Tim will be out-of-office. Any volunteers to lead next week's meeting, or lead a special topic discussion?
  • Next "Special Topics" Meeting??
    • Discuss improving how DSpace handles Metadata (From past meetings discussions, this seems popular). Several ideas mentioned recently:
      • Updating to current DCMI standards: DS-805
      • Creating a new "dspace" internal usage schema (for administrative, or non-DC metadata)? Formalize the "dc" schema to be strictly valid QDC/DC?
      • Metadata on all DSpace objects (not just Items)
    • Discuss forming a "Documentation Management Team"? Or reworking our procedures for managing/reviewing/approving Docs on the Wiki.

Meeting Notes


JIRA Reviews, Scheduling 1.7.1, DCAT Discussion of DS-638

  • JIRA Quick Reviews. Ended with DS-700
  • Discussion of DCAT's recommendations for DS-638:
  • Decided to Schedule 1.7.1 tentatively for March 25. See DSpace Release 1.7.1 Notes for more info.

Meeting Transcript