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  • (30 mins) General Discussion Topics
    1. DSpace 7 demo site:  Turning "on" most optional functionality in the demo site (, to allow new v7 users to see its behavior.
      1. Turning on "mediaViewer" in
      2. Turning on "showAccessStatuses" in
      3. Also, a request to add a description of what features are enabled on the demo site, similar to
    2. Tentative plans for a DSpace 7 Online Workshop the week of November 14.
      1. Possibly 3 hours, and structured similar to the online "Getting Started with DSpace 7" workshop held for OR2021
        1. 1 hour on 7.4 updates & install/upgrade tips. 
        2. 1 hour on branding/customizing the Angular UI.   
        3. 1 hour on REST API integrations? (Or another topic to be decided?)
      2. Tim could use help (and additional presenters) from Atmire & 4Science.  Will keep this on our agenda until all team members are back, so that we can discuss & finalize the details.
    3. (Please suggest a topic!  If no topics are suggested, we will primarily go through the project board to ensure PRs are moving along.)
  • (30 mins) Planning for next week
    • Review the Backlog Board - Are there any tickets here stuck in the "Triage" column?  We'd like to keep this column as small as possible.
    • Review the 7.4 Project Board - Assign tickets to developers & assign PRs to reviewers.
      • Paid (by DSpace project) developers must keep in mind priority. If new "high" or "medium" priority tickets come in, developers should move effort off of "low" priority tasks.
      • Volunteer developers are allowed to work on tickets regardless of priority, but ideally will review code in priority order