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New Outreach WG member: John Jung, University of Chicago

John Jung will join the ARKA Outreach Group. 

Additional members are still welcome.

Calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings: Calendar of events

Bertrand will be on holiday soon (7 - 29 August), so it might be a good idea to schedule a short meeting before for the upcoming lightning talk at iPres2022. 

Any news items we should blog about?

** Priority attention needed for IIIF blog post

John will try to send JR an introduction draft for the IIIF blog post (ideally before August 6th).

New GitHub-based workflows for NAAN registry (really a topic for the NAAN WG) are not (yet?) blog-worthy.

Propose: adding arka-outreach-wg as an email destination for responses to contact form (sent to

John: idea to forward all messages sent via the contact form on the website to the ARKA Google Group. No one objects. It will be done.

Proposals are now being accepted for the next edition of CNI’s Pre-Recorded Project Briefing Series. More information about this year-round program is available on the CNI website and the second edition (July 2022) is now available.

Pre-recorded project briefing videos should focus on a timely topic or on a specific project related to digital information. We especially invite briefings on recently published reports, and updates on new or ongoing projects, programs, or organizations that may have reported at CNI in the past. In general, we recommend that these videos run no more than 15-20 minutes in length, though longer presentations may occasionally make sense; we leave this decision to the discretion of presenters.

Anyone may propose a pre-recorded project briefing, including groups/individuals from non-member institutions and organizations.

Videos will NOT BE SCHEDULED for viewing at a pre-arranged time; rather, they will be available ON-DEMAND, released as a collection, and accompanied by a guide for contextualization. Their availability will be announced on CNI’s listserv, website, and social media outlets. 

No more than 12 pre-recorded project briefings will be accepted for each edition; we expect to issue calls for proposals approximately every two to three months.

Proposals may be submitted via online form: 

Important Dates

  • Deadline for submissions: August 26, 2022
  • Notification of acceptance: September 2, 2022
  • Video submission deadline for accepted proposals: September 23, 2022
  • Video collection release: October 2022

Please contact me with any questions.

-Paige Pope (, CNI Communications Coordinator

As some of us will be on holiday in the coming weeks, we could submit something at the next occasion, probably in the spring. Also we may not have enough new content for this round and the deadline is somewhat tight.

Action items from before

  •  Poll Smithsonian museums about use of ARKs with images, particularly IIIF presented images 
  •  Explore SEO options for Wordpress websites that might improve ARK Alliance content in Google index ranking 
  •  Draft blog posts 1) ARK implementation with the recently fully digitized US National Herbarium collections; 2) Use of a central digital asset management system to generate ARKs for different sub-organizations 

Ricc has not reached out yet the people who could help us polling us some information regarding ARKs with images. 

SEO options for Wordpress: could this task be given to someone else? Do we know anyone with SEO expertise?

Google workspace for branded ( emails

An idea would be to have arks email addresses. Maybe using Google workspace (for free if it is non-profit?), but would it be a problem for any Outreach members to use it? 

For collaborative purposes, people at the Smithsonian could use it, but not internally. It could be problematic for people working at the French Ministry (Aurélien) though. 

Next meeting
We will meet on 25 August.

Action items

  •  John Kunze Draft related to the IIIF blog post series  
  •  John Kunze forward all upcoming messages from the website contact form to the ARKA Outreach WG (Google Group)