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Developers Meeting on Weds, February 2, 2011


  • 1.8.0 Release Discussion
    • Discuss whether we want to switch to a new version numbering scheme for 1.8? Past suggestions include:
      • Drop the "1.", so that "1.8" would be "DSpace 8" (This is similar to Java, where 1.6 is also called Java 6)
      • Change release number to be based on release date, so Oct 2011 release would be numbered 11.10 (YY.MM) – this is similar to Ubuntu Release numbers
      • Other ideas? Or, do we just stick with "1.8" for now?
  • Next Week (Feb 9) - Special Topics Meeting on git / DCVS, led by Peter Dietz
    • (NOTE: Tim may be unable to attend, as he'll be at code4lib conference. It all depends on wireless stability at the conference.)
  • Other ideas for upcoming "Special Topics" Meetings
    • Discuss improving how DSpace handles Metadata (From past meetings discussions, this seems popular). Several ideas mentioned recently:
      • Updating to current DCMI standards: DS-805
      • Creating a new "dspace" internal usage schema (for administrative, or non-DC metadata)? Formalize the "dc" schema to be strictly valid QDC/DC?
      • Metadata on all DSpace objects (not just Items)
    • Discuss forming a "Documentation Management Team"? Or reworking our procedures for managing/reviewing/approving Docs on the Wiki.

Meeting Notes


Collaboration with DCAT group, Release Numbering Discussions, Jira Review

  • JIRA Review, ended with DS-676
  • Discussion of Proposal for a New "Feature Request" Review Process / Collaboration with DCAT
    • Most in attendance seemed to be generally in favor of this proposal
    • Suggestions of finding ways for DCAT to help "pool resources" (how is up for discussion)
    • See the full transcript below for details of discussion.
  • Discussion of Version Numbering for DSpace.
    • Talked about the two initial proposals for changing numbering (see above: "dropping the "1.", and a YY.MM numbering scheme)
    • Overall, there was no definitive majority in favor of any new numbering scheme. So, by default, we will continue to call the next version "1.8". If in the future we change our minds (and reach a majority), we can always announce a numbering change.
    • Thoughts on Version Numbering wiki page created, where individuals can add their proposals for why we may or may not want to change our version numbering. Anyone is welcome to add suggestions there. This may eventually be posted to mailing lists for more comments / ongoing discussion.
  • Next Week (Feb 9) - Special Topics Meeting on git / DCVS, led by Peter Dietz

Meeting Transcript