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API Features

  • Storage system REST API
    • Store (storage system) listing
    • Space (top level folder) listing
    • Space creation
    • Space deletion
    • Space access definition
    • Content (file) listing
    • Content storage
    • Content deletion
    • Content properties and tagging
    • Retrieval of audit logs
    • Retrieval of space manifest
    • Retrieval of storage reports by space or store
    • Retrieval of bit integrity reports
    • Performing provider-specific tasks
      • Enable/disable media streaming
      • Retrieve URL for streamed content
      • Restore Glacier content
      • Create snapshots
      • Complete snapshots
      • Retrieval of snapshot listing
      • Retrieval of snapshot content listing
      • Request snapshot restoration
    Reporting system REST API
    • Storage report listing
    • Storage report retrieval
    • Storage report starting and stopping
    • Storage report scheduling
    • Service report listing
    • Service report retrieval
    Security requiring authentication on all DuraCloud applications


  • Sync Tool:
    • Provides a utility with both graphical and command line interfaces for keeping DuraCloud content synchronized with the local file system.
  • Retrieval Tool:
    • Provides a command line utility for transferring content stored in DuraCloud to the local file system.
  • Chunker Tool:
    • Provides a command line utility for transferring single files to DuraCloud. Files larger than a configurable threshold will be "chunked" (split into multiple files) prior to transfer.
  • Stitcher Tool:
    • Provides a command line utility for retrieving single "chunked" files from DuraCloud. As the file is retrieved, it is "stitched" (combined back into the original file).