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Web Interface Features

  • Access to all storage system capabilities, including space and content creation, updates, and deletes
  • Access to graphical depictions of the information contained in the storage reports
  • Bulk deletion of spaces and content items
  • User account administration

    Browser Support Note

    DuraCloud currently supports all of the major web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. As of version 3.7.0, DuraCloud no longer supports Microsoft Internet Explorer. This change is in response to Microsoft's recent end of support announcement for Internet Explorer. This shift allows development effort to be focused on delivering the highest quality user experience for the vast majority of our users. If you are still using Internet Explorer, we recommend you consider moving to one of the supported browsers mentioned above.

API Features

  • Storage system REST API
    • Store (storage system) listing
    • Space (top level folder) listing
    • Space creation
    • Space deletion
    • Space access definition
    • Content (file) listing
    • Content storage
    • Content deletion
    • Content properties and tagging
    • Retrieval of audit logs
    • Retrieval of space manifest
    • Retrieval of storage reports by space or store
    • Retrieval of bit integrity reports
    • Performing provider-specific tasks
      • Enable/disable media streaming
      • Retrieve URL for streamed content
      • Restore Glacier content
      • Create snapshots
      • Complete snapshots
      • Retrieval of snapshot listing
      • Retrieval of snapshot content listing
      • Request snapshot restoration
    Security requiring authentication on all DuraCloud applications

Core Services

  • Media Streaming:
    • Provides streaming capabilities for video and audio files.
  • Bit Integrity Checking:
    • Verifies that content stored in DuraCloud maintains bit-level integrity over time by calculating a checksum value upon content storage and the at frequent intervals to ensure no changes have occurred
  • Duplication:
    • Keeps content in multiple storage providers consistent.


  • Sync Tool:
    • Provides a utility with both graphical and command line interfaces for keeping DuraCloud content synchronized with the local file system.
  • Retrieval Tool:
    • Provides a command line utility for transferring content stored in DuraCloud to the local file system.
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