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Table of Contents

Target Audience

Content Submitters


The item submission process lets authorized users deposit contents using metadata and bitstreams. It primarily consists of components. 

  1. Target collection where the item needs to be submitted
  2. Submission form using which metadata and bitstreams related to the item are submitted
  3. The submission form also helps in defining Access rights around an item

Submission Form Highlights

1.     Bitstream upload section

This section allows users to upload bitstream(s) by browsing or drag & drop mechanism.

 2.     Target Collection

It is a location where the item will be submitted.

3.     General Metadata section

Users can define general or primary metadata about an item in this section.

4.     Additional Metadata section

This section allows users to add secondary or additional metadata. 

5.     Bitstreams Management

Bitstreams uploaded by users list in this section. Using various options, they can further define these bitstreams or remove them from the attachment list.

6.     Deposit License

Users need to accept the license in this section to submit the item to the repository.

7.     Manage Item Submission

a.     Discard: The user can discard the submission by clicking this button. Action will delete all information populated in the form permanently.

b.     Save: This button helps save information in the submission form and helps resume information update should the process gets interrupted.

c.     Save for Later: Save information in the MyDSpace section to update later.

d.     Deposit: Click this button to complete the submission. The item will go to the next step as per the workflow defined for the collection.

Item Submission Process

Step 1: Login using your credentials