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ARK/IIIF, Quickstart guide, new ARK format transition



jk: low turnout today – probably should have reminded people that the US changed clocks two weeks earlier than Europe

Calls for papers, submission deadlines, upcoming meetings: Calendar of events

Any news items we should blog about?

ARK & IIIF blog post – call for reviewers

jk: exciting topic and great embedded videos, but dense
jr: yes, could use to be broken down into simpler pieces; could get interesting use cases from BnF and Durham Library
jk: I'd be available to help with the next round of edits

Quickstart guide ready to go out?

all: changes are ok; interim best top level menu label (short, accurate) is "GET STARTED"

all: fine to point to this page from the NAAN response letter

ACTION: jk will make these changes

ARK spec transition planning

  • blog post out (softly); big change is from ark:/12345 to ark:12345
  • how do we make first noises – twitter, email forum, direct email to implementers?
  • when do we change documentation on website and wikipedia?
  • when do we ask implementers to honor the new form?
  • what tools do we give them (eg, an online validity checker)?

mg: when would it take effect, how much lead time is needed?
mg: if it is permanently backward compatible, does that disincentive people from changing?
jk: who can craft the transition plan?
mg: happy to be part of a group that does that, but don't have time to lead it or strategize
jk: who else should be part of the planning? Bnf, Smithsonian, Internet Archive, Portico, Nat'l Library of Luxembourg

New NAAN form asks more questions

-- ask also what software platform they're planning to use? (this would help prioritize our documentation and outreach)

mg: makes sense; in addition to some common platforms, make sure to have an "I don't know" choice
jr: for IIIF community we regularly have surveys for this kind of question
ACTION: jk will make add question to form

Action items