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Welcome to Release 1.7.1! The committers have volunteered many hours to fix, re-write and contribute new software code for this release. Documentation has also been updated. The 1.7.1 bug fix release includes all the new features of 1.7.0 but fixes many known issues discovered since the release of 1.7.0.

Bug Fixes in 1.7.1 include (but not exhaustive):

  • DS-858 Multicore SOLR needs to prevent remote access to solr cores
  • DS-785 SWORD deposits fail when ingest events are fired if Discovery event consumer is configured
  • DS-806 Item.match() incorrect logic for schema testing
  • DS-823 DatabaseManager is no longer Oracle compliant
  • DS-821 AbstractMETSIngester creates an item before adding descriptive metadata
  • DS-776 Collection admin cannot add bitstreams unless there is at least one bundle
  • DS-853 MetadataExposure settings for dc.description.provenance are ignored/overridden by XMLUI templates
  • DS-435 "My Exports" displayed in navigation bar, when no user is logged in
  • DS-789 HTTPS renders with errors due to hardcoded HTTP link in xmlui theme
  • DS-620 Exceeding maximum file size limit while uploading files to lead to friendly error page

Improvements in 1.7.1 include (but not exhaustive):

  • DS-840 Add Ability to create Top Level Community at the home page
  • DS-839 Adding Field to Choice Authority to allow Authorities to be able to know field being required
  • DS-828 Enable "restore mode" ingestion via sword

The following is a list of the new features included for release 1.7.0 (not an exhaustive list):

  • Mirage: a new clean, professional looking theme for XMLUI that eases theme development
  • DSpace Discovery: a faceted browse/search interface for XMLUI that gives a deeper and more intuitive look at repository content
  • Archival Information Package (AIP) Backup & Restore process: allows for a backup of DSpace into a generic METS-based structure, that can be used to migrate DSpace content to another system that supports AIP's (DSpace or non-DSpace)
  • Curation System User Interface: allows for a series of curation tasks (profile bitstream formats, virus scan, check for required metadata) to be performed on objects in DSpace
  • PowerPoint text extraction, for searching within PowerPoint slides
  • Improved Google Scholar indexing on metadata and PDF content
  • Improved performance and scalability of DSpace: the code has been thoroughly analyzed to provide major performance gains with regard to item ingestion and indexing speed to support larger repositories
  • Automated Unit Testing of core code: helps the developers ensure the core code of DSpace is as bug free and stable as possible

A full list of all changes / bug fixes in 1.7.0 is available in the History section.

The following people have contributed directly to this release of DSpace: @mire, Andrea Bollini, Andrea Schweer, Andreas Schwander, Andrew Hankinson, Andrew Taylor, Antero Neto, Ben Bosman, Bill Hays, BioMed Central, Bram Luyten, Caryn Neiswender, Christophe Dupriez, Claudia Jürgen, Enovation Solutions, Erick Rocha Fonseca, Flávio Botelho, Gabriela Mircea, Gareth Waller, Graham Triggs, Hardy Pottinger, Ivan Masár, Jason Stirnaman, Jeffrey Trimble, Keiji Suzuki, Keith Gilbertson, Kevin Van de Velde, Kim Shepherd, Mark Diggory, Mark H. Wood, Marvin Pollard, Michael B. Klein, Nicholas Riley, Nick Nicholas, OhioLINK, Oleksandr Sytnyk, Pere Villega, Peter Dietz, Reinhard Engels, Richard Rodgers, Robin Taylor, Sands Fish, Sarah Shreeves, Scott Phillips, Simon Brown, Stuart Lewis, Tim Donohue, Vladislav Zhivkov, Yin Yin Latt. Many of them could not do this work without the support (release time and financial) of their associated institutions. We offer thanks to those institutions for supporting their staff to take time to contribute to the DSpace project.

We apologize to any contributor accidentally left off this list. DSpace has such a large, active development community that we sometimes lose track of all our contributors. Our ongoing list of all known people/institutions that have contributed to DSpace software can be found on our DSpace Contributors page. Acknowledgements to those left off will be made in future releases. Want to make sure you make it on the short list of contributors? All you have to do is report an issue, fix a bug or help us determine the necessary requirements for a new feature! Visit our Issue Tracker to take part and get your name on the list of DSpace Contributors!

The Documentation Gardener for this release was Jeffrey Trimble with input from everyone.  All typos are his fault.

Peter Dietz is the Release Coordinator of this release. Tim Donohue helped out with coordinating the final days of the release.

Additional thanks to Tim Donohue from DuraSpace on keeping all of us focused on the work at hand, and calming us when we got excited and for the general support for the DSpace project.