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title7.0 Final Release Plan

Release Schedule:

  • (tick) Thursday, June 24: every 7.0 PR created (concentration on "high priority"). Any created by this date are "guaranteed" in 7.0. Anything after may not be included in 7.0.
  • (tick) June 24 - July 1519: code reviews & PR updates 
  • ThursdayMonday, July 1519: every 7.0 "high priority" PR must be merged.
  • until Release Day: Finalize Documentation for 7.0 (see also "documentation" tickets).  Finalize Release Notes / Announcement.
  • Monday, July 26 (or as soon as possible): Internal/Early release goal.  If possible, we'd like to release 7.0 in late July.
  • Monday, Aug 2: Public Release Deadline. 7.0 must be released by this date.

Ongoing/Weekly tasks: