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  • review first draft checkllist; NAAN request and Map privileges

Discussion items



Exchanges with the Dutch Digital Heritage Network (GLAM institutions


across the Netherlands)

A journal in Peru interested in using arks has developed a plug-in for OJS

The Louvre Museum, which has a new website for its collections, each item having an ark,


gave the Ark Alliance permission to communicate on this.

Further exchanges to be made to communicate on arks advantages for institutions (and have a


policy webpage )

upcoming meetings, calls for papers, submission deadlines

first draft NAAN request review checklist

There is an updated checklist with




Commit to the main branch

when to ignore a request : seldom used (obviously obnoxious or irrelevant requests, repeated) but some requests cannot be fulfilled under US legislation preventing

the furniture of

furnishing goods and services to some countries/institutions (e.g. Iran, North Korea, Cuban institutions linked to the military


). Best practice: when in doubt

is to

, share the request and associated angst with the group.

Aurélien & Chloé taking over from Bertrand on May 1st

test request and map collaborators

How to collaborate? Do we have to create a new map that's singly owned and then link it in to ?

The map on is a snapshot linking to a manually updated Google map.

Desire to share the updating or (ideal) automate the process from the registry.

Demo by Chloé of an OpenStreetMap POC with French institutions (356) with simple python code and an SQL database

//VPN pb, some of the ensuing discussion missing here : Chloé to carry on with the project and share results with the group.

John and Maria aim to test sharing of the existing, Google map. There seem to be possibilities of sharing the database between google users (but maybe differently depending on account type ? To be explored).

Action items

  •  John Kunze  and Maria Gould to look into how collaboratively editing a google map might work
  •  Chloé Pochon will look into creating OpenStreetMap view from map.tsv file
  •  Chloé Pochon will look into creating a chart/graph of new NAAN entries per month or week
  •  John Kunze will meet with Chloe and Stephane about automated mapping and collaboration