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Terrie R. Wheeler

Michele Mennielli


Julia Trimmer




  1. Announcements
  2. Review membership changes since last meeting
  3. Review new VIVO registered sites since last meeting
    1. Welcome package for new registered users
  4. Review list of active VIVO sites
    1. Progress update on investigating potentially inactive sites
  5. Establishing regional users groups
    1. Updates on North American and European efforts
  6. Organizing a VIVO-in-a-Box community call
  7. Other ways to raise funding
    1. Project based, one-time funding
    2. Tiered service model
  8. Collecting better user data
    1. What would be reasonable/beneficial?
  9. Marketing video
    1. Check-in on progress - anything for this group to do?


  1. Leadership Group
    1. Officers want to discuss strategies for increasing membership
    2. Goal of increasing membership by $50,000
      1. Includes $20,000 from Humboldt
    3. Offering individual memberships of $100
    4. Contacting new users 
  2. Growing membership
    1. VIVO in a box
    2. New technical lead
    3. Using Leadership to do outreach. Pairing Leaders with Membership Group for outreach
    4. Tie dollars to a goal - what would we be able to do with the funding?
      1. Hire additional staff to forward program goals
  3. One-time funding
    1. Could be used to forward a particular project
    2. VIVO in a box could be a good project to fund raise around
    3. Adopt a feature could also be useful

Action Items