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Comment: added detail to Susanna's statement


  • Time gives an update on the current status of DSpace 7 development and the forthcoming beta versions
    • Dev team currently working on release of beta 5, should be released tomorrow, testathon starts next week
    • Beta 5 is feature-complete. Timing for final release (7.0) depends on feedback/bug reports from testathon. Maybe one or two month after the testathon.
    • Still looking for volunteers for security testing. Looking for 1-2 institutions to do an external audit to give a different perspective to what the dev team has already done in this area. See Security Testing
    • Third party (deque) will do an accessibility audit during the testathon. Co-funded by Lyrasis and TDL
    • Kristi: Congratulations to the dev team on the progress.
  • Maureen gives an introduction to the testathon:
    • Testathon begins Monday. Everyone is encouraged to participate.
    • Please watch the videos on the information page. People can also add test definitions. See test plan. There are instructions on how to use the different test status on the “Summary” tab of the test plan. User personas are also described in the summary. Every feature needs to be tested, even those that have already been tested by Bram in March/April.
    • Maureen does a demo of doing a test: Open demo repository via link, do the testing, report the result.
    • If a test has already been done, the next tester should overwrite the last test result, no matter what the status of the previous test was. There will be small improvements during the testathon, so it makes sense to retest tests that had reported bugs previously.
  • Lieven ask whether there is deadline/date for the release of 7.0? Community members have mentioned to him that it is a problem that there is not even a target date. What does the rest of the group think?
    • Tim: No target date because it depends on output of testathon
    • Susanna: The date depends more on the number of bugs that are found (unknow number), than on the dev resources (known number). Prefers to wait after the testathon before communicating a date for DSpace 7.0.
    • Pascal: Of course everybody is waiting for a date. Should be ok to wait until after the testathon before communicating a date. Date should be before OR 2021. It could happen that we find a major bug when testing, it is not a good idea to communicate a date now.

    • Tal: A target date could help institutions in budget planning

    • Lieven: We need a target date to push work forward.

    • Kristi: Move this discussion to breakout groups, DSpace 7 WG and Stearing Steering Group.

Working and Interest Group Reports


  • Apart from MOU topic (see below), questions re. timing of governance year were discussed, will be discussed with stearing Steering and brought to leadership group


  • Estimated: $ 300,000
  • Raised: $ 153,227
  • Allocated: $ 284,000 (includes pending invoices for Beta 5)
  • Not yet using line of credit


  • Kristi: Stearing Steering authorized funded development through 7.1. Have to make decisions on how to manage that.
  • Jyrki: Will there be another round of fundraising this year? There might be institutions willing to contribute again.
  • Kristi: End of fiscal year is coming in US, if there are funds that could go to DSpace 7.1 development, please consider doing so.
  • Robert: Are people more optimistic going into the next budget cycle? Mixed answers from the group.