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Dear XXXX,

On behalf of all the DSpace committers, I would like to extend to you an
invitation to join the group. Your work on DSpace evincesindicates an abiding
interest in the platform, and we all feel you would be a valuable
addition to our team.

Being a committer means participating in the evolution of the platform,
typically by making changes to the source code, or managing the
integration of contributions made by the community at large. But it also
means having a voice and a vote on technical, administrative and release
management issues, providing your expertise and guidance on the lists,
organizing testing, etc.

We are mindful of the fact that no one is being paid to do this, and no
specific time commitment is required or expected; in fact we *do* expect
that one's involvement will fluctuate over time with job duties. Nor is
there any specified term of office - one's job responsibilities may
change over time, and so one's ability to devote time to DSpace.

We ask that you seriously consider this offer, and hope that you will
accept it!

The DSpace Committers Group.

Stuff to do to get a new committer set up

  •  Add to the '' email list:!forum/dspace-commit (Needs to be done by Tim or a Committer who knows the 'dspace-commit' listserv admin pwd)
  •  Add to 'jira-developers' and 'dspace-committer' groups group in the Confluence Wiki, so they can administer JIRA issues & Confluence Wiki pages: manage all DSpace-related pages (Needs to be done by Tim or send request to "sysadmin at duraspace dot org"someone at LYRASIS)
  •  Assign their GitHub username "owner" access to our DSpace GitHub Organization and DSpace-Labs GitHub Organization (Can be done by any Committer)
  •  Make sure the new committer is aware of the 'dspace-changelog' and 'dspace-tickets' listservs. It's a very useful way to keep in touch with changes in GitHub and JIRA respectively. (Can be done by any Committer)
  •  Add them to list of committers on DSpace Committers  (Can be done by any Committer)
  •  Announce (see template) to dspace-community, dspace-devel, and dspace-tech email lists. If several committers are joining the group at once, consider sending one email for all, rather than separate emails. (Can be done by any Committer)
  •  Refer them to the Tips for New Committers (Though you should first double-check that content to ensure it is still up-to-date)  (Can be done by any Committer)