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Financial Update (10 minutes)

The end of year Financial Statement for FY19-20 for Fedora (July 1, 2019-June 30, 2020) is available as an email attachment.

Overall we were positive to budget by $ 55,719. This was more than anticipated due to several variances.

Positive variances include

  • $ 20,700 in additional membership dues
  • $ 20,060 underspent in travel due to pandemic 
  • $ 2,409 in interest
  • Miscellaneous service provider fees, supplies,  services, IDC

Negative variances include

  • $ 20,932 in salaries and benefit – leadership approved this variance to increase Danny Bernstein’s time to 100% for the last several months of the fiscal year to accelerate Fedora 6 development
  • $ 8,133 in meeting expenses - these were related to the Islandora and Fedora Camp and were planned for but not included in the original budget

Overall net assets (retained and current) are now $ 109,991

Goal: Review the financial statement for FY19-20, provide opportunity for questions.


IMLS Fedora Migration Grant Announcement (15 minutes)

$249,859 over 18 months (September 2020 - February 2022)

We will develop, pilot, and document migration tools and paths to upgrade Fedora 3 to Fedora 6. The community identified migration tools and documentation during a planning project as important resources to support Fedora 3 upgrade and migration processes, which are necessary to sustain repositories that provide critical access to digital collections. Pilot migrations will be conducted and documented for two Fedora 3 repositories; a toolkit then will be shared through training programs to support broad community adoption.

Goal: Review the planned work, increase awareness, provide opportunity for questions.


IMLS Grant Impacts (20 minutes)

The FY2021 Fedora budget assumed a 15% reduction in membership revenues relative to FY2020 for a total of ~$66,000. So far we have surpassed that estimate with ~$92,000 in net losses. However, we also received the IMLS Fedora migration grant, which pays for 50% of David’s time over 18 months (September 2020 - February 2022). See However we will need to reduce some activities David normally performs so that we can accomplish day to day operation of Fedora.  See Program Leadership Activities Document

Goal: Review current financial forecast and agree on how to manage staff allocations during the grant period.


Assessing Different Funding Models (30 minutes)

The current membership funding model for Fedora (and other open source programs) is proving to be unsustainable, so we need to discuss the viability of different approaches.

Goal: Break into small groups to discuss the proposals and make note of the benefits and drawbacks, as well as any suggestions for improving the models.


Strategic Subgroup Reports and Next Steps (30 minutes)

Goal: Agreement on priorities for each subgroup






Previous IMLS grant (last year) examined barriers to migration. One clear takeaway: migration is difficult, requiring a lot of effort, but the value proposition wasn't clear. To bring the community forward, the value proposition needs to go up and the work needed to migrate must to go down. Users don't just want tools; the want examples, pathways, pilots to follow. 

Phase one: work with two pilots institutions. One a custom Fedora, and then an Islandora institution (fairly standard and representative). Goal is not just migration, but to create documentation and guides which can be shared. 

Phase two: taking the toolkit produced by the first phase, sharing it more broadly, and improving it. 

Phase three (dependant on COVID): hold a migration camp, with funded migrations. Could be online if face-to-face events are st

Action Items