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  • Newsletter, shoulder topics, rebranding




N2T Migration
Platform migration for NT2 link resolver Amazon linux server complete
Starting to get a picture of what the resolution traffic looks like.
More stats available now

  • ID scheme
  • What naans are being resolved
  • Growth numbers


  • Interested in supporting ARKs (Toronto and Simon Fraser)
  • Working to add ARK support for future Islandora release
  • Established N2T credentials
  • What other synergy/collaboration can there be?
  • Lyrasis is an Islandora service provider

Please review new "shoulder topics" in the FAQ (all)

  • see Aug 13 email

Maria sent feedback in a document; will forward to group
Tracy prepared document; will forward to group
Recommend paring down text
Use more direct examples over metaphor

Rebranding: what's ahead, what's on hold (Kurt)

Discussed Feedback on AITO name and open canvas framework with both CDL and with the AITO Advisory Group

There is other CDL branding work underway.

Advisory group agreed that AITO project had been accomplished and a new name is needed for longstanding organization.

ARKs Alliance terminology had support from both CDL and the AG

Gould: still concerned about AA.

Kunze: would like more proposals

Peter: suggested Archival Resource Key Alliance (ARKA)

Looking for ARKA domain names – most seem taken.

Kurt will look for domain availability

Group preferred ARKA to TAA

John will investigation international implications for the ARKA term

Newsletter outline finalize (Julien, Peter)

Julien shared the draft newsletter

Has a stats map and two news items

If we use mailchimp:

  • We need a proper “sender” email address; not Julien’s gmail.
  • Who are the recipients? 

Will we just have a static page that people can go to?

Peter: send to already existing listservs pertaining to ARKs

Capacity for people to subscribe to newsletter

Discussed the possibility of getting mailchimp to pick up content from a blog. 

WordPress / generates a feed that mailchimp checks weekly.  If it finds new content, it sends out a formatted newsletter.

Who has access to the account that any email responses come to?

Add option to subscribe to newsletter in NAAN registration process?

First newsletter will be composed directly in mailchimp

Figure out where the blog will live

Prepare additional news articles


  • Member spotlight?
  • Growth at N2T
  • Standing footer in newsletter:  Do you have ARK-related news you’d like to see in this newsletter? Let us know and we’ll contact you.

Timing – Julien not available for next 3 weeks.

Newsletter article stubs (John)

Action items

  •  Provide Julien with a list of email/list addresses for the newsletter to go out to
  •  Prepare additional newsletter items
  •  Establish an email address for the newsletter to come from
  •  Look for a domain that can work for ARKA