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AnnouncementsJKPersonally identifiable information in the NAAN registry.  John is looking at Github actions to automatically strip.  Pre-generated 10,000 NAANs to remove need for running eggnog to mint.

Continued discussion of "?info" inflection proposal (latest at the end)

JSON encodings/formats: JSON-LD, geoJSON?

  • what about comments and repeated element keys, which were possible with ERC?

(JK) Proposing ? and ?? be left untouched, "reserved for future use," but ?info would be required.  ?info return metadata would not be detailed in the ARK spec per previous meeting.  Looking for couple volunteers over next month to help brainstorm over what ?info might return.  SMKH, CM, GJ willing to help.

(TC) If intent is for machine readability, then JSON is the answer.

Status check on milestones; remaining to-do list, and rough estimates for objectives and deliverables

(Technical Working Group)

  • ARK spec (finish draft, circulate, submit to IETF)
  • NAAN procedures
  • ARKS counting