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Adding support for the Oxford Common File Layout (OCFL) in Chronopolis is something which will affect each layer of our system. This is because the file layouts for different packages need to be understood and validated. Since the Chronopolis network currently only understands BagIt, support should be added in piece-meal piecemeal in order to be able to have OCFL be understood at each layer.


The first phase of development should be centered around having our Ingest Service be able to understand multiple file layouts as well as a basic understanding of package level versioning.

Part 2 - Distribution

The second phase of development will be centered around the cascading changes from the first phase. That is, when replicating, we must understand what type of package we are fetching as well as how it should be validated. In addition, we will want changes in our Audit Manager (ACE-AM) in order to support package level versioning.

Part 3 - OCFL Implementation

Once the layers of Chronopolis which are primarily involved in the distribution of the packages have support, we can start to add support for creating OCFL packages so that Chronopolis can make use of them.

Part 4 - Making use of OCFL Packaging

Finally, we make use of OCFL in order to package incoming data in a way that we are compatible with requests coming from the OTM Bridge and can handle versioning.