The Chronopolis project has a need to incorporate a file layout which uses versioning to help be performant in replication of data. The OCFL project has spurred discussion on this, and provides a good opportunity to investigate what versioning looks like as well as how Chronopolis would need to be updated in order to make use of a newer versioned layout.

Evaluation Overview

The Chronopolis OCFL Evaluation is currently provided as an editable google doc for any final editing, but should be exported into another format before the final report is created

Implementation Overview

  • Part 1 - Packaging and Versioning Support
    • Ingest
      • Multiple Package Formats
      • Versioning
    • Audit Manager
      • Ability to modify file hashes
  • Part 2 - Replication/Distribution Support
    • Ensure we validate all packages correctly regardless of format
  • Part 3 - OCFL Packaging Support
  • Part 4 - Making Use of OCFL
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