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  1. Danny Bernstein : Availability:  12-8 Eastern for the next two weeks except for Wednesday of this week and Tuesdays 9:30-5:00 PM (minus meetings)
  2. Andrew Woods : Availability: Generally 9:30-5 ET
  3. Ben Pennell: Availability: Generally 9-5 ET, minus meetings and a few local issues.
  4. Peter Eichman  : Availability: Generally 9:30-5 ET, with the caveat that there is a local project that may need some of my attention intermittently.
  5. Mohamed Mohideen Abdul Rasheed :
  6. Bethany Seeger: Availability: Generally 9:00-5 ET M-Th and , with 9:00-1:30 on Friday, minus a few local meetingsthis Friday.  Will be out on Monday & Wednesday of next week.  , but can spend a day or two post sprint to help finish things.
  7. Jared Whiklo  : Availability: Generally 9:00-5 ET, with some 
  8. Aaron Birkland : Not available for this meeting.  Limited availability otherwise (not available Thursday, Friday, parts of Wednesday the week of 11/4, Not available Tuesday, Wednesday the week of the 11th, may also be gone Thursday and Friday that week as well)
  9. Peter Winckles : Availability: 8-4 Eastern
  10. Youn Noh : 
  11. Anna Dabrowski
  12. Dan Field :  Limited availability throughout sprint. WIll hopefully pick up on some migration tool loose ends from sprint 1 though. 
  13. Remigiusz Malessa