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Attendees and availability:

  1. Danny Bernstein : Availability:  12-8 Eastern for the next two weeks except for Wednesday of this week and Tuesdays 9:30-5:00 PM (minus meetings)
  2. Andrew Woods : Availability: Generally 9:30-5 ET
  3. Ben Pennell: Availability: Generally 9-5 ET, minus meetings and a few local issues.
  4. Peter Eichman  : Availability: Generally 9:30-5 ET, with the caveat that there is a local project that may need some of my attention intermittently.
  5. Mohamed Mohideen Abdul Rasheed : Availability: Generally 9:30-5 ET, with some off-time due to local commitments.
  6. Bethany Seeger: Availability: Generally 9:00-5 ET, with 9:00-1:30 this Friday.  Will be out on Monday & Wednesday of next week, but can spend a day or two post sprint to help finish things.
  7. Jared Whiklo  : Availability: Generally 9:00-5 ET, out Tues (Nov 5th) AM, Wed (Nov 6th) PM partially around (take your kids to work day). Out Mon Nov 11 (CDN holiday) will try to attend the call. Local issues take priority.
  8. Aaron Birkland : Not available for this meeting.  Limited availability otherwise (not available Thursday, Friday, parts of Wednesday the week of 11/4, Not available Tuesday, Wednesday the week of the 11th, may also be gone Thursday and Friday that week as well)
  9. Peter Winckles : Availability: 8-4 Eastern
  10. Youn Noh : 
  11. Anna Dabrowski
  12. Dan Field :  Limited availability throughout sprint. WIll hopefully pick up on some migration tool loose ends from sprint 1 though. 
  13. Remigiusz Malessa


  1. Communication:
    1. Sprint channels:
      1. #sprints :  general sprint conversation
      2. #sprint-crud :  fcrepo4 CRUD conversations
      3. #sprint-migrate: migration team discussions
      4. #sprint-docs : documentation focus
      5. #sprint-daily-summaries  : daily summaries of major conversations
      6. #sprint-standup :  daily stand up reports
    2. Tip: Capture decisions made in face-to-face PR focused conversations in the PR itself
  2. Review Sprint 2 Goals
    1. CRUD for Basic Containers and Binaries using OCFL
    2. Basic Fedora3 → OCFL on disk conversion using UWM OCFL Client and fcrepo-migration-utils
    3. Documentation update
    4. Simple Search (stretch)
  3. Teams
    1. Migration utils development
    2. OCFL client development
    3. PersistentStorageSession implementation
    4. Persistent Storage API  → HTTP API  integration
    5. Transactions
    6. Documentation
    7. Simple Search
  4. Wrap up


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