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Any additional topics to today's agenda?

220minUpdates on OpenAIRE v4

Initial presentation: 

Review of document:

Mainly focus on Annex 6 and Annex 7

Define DSpace 7 and OpenAIRE 4 concept (default fields + openaire 4 fields ? OR duplicate/ignore duplicate fields when importing metadata fields) 

Discuss future steps (new files: openaire4-entity-types.xml; openaire4-relationship-types.xml) + demo

Jose and Paulo
315minWorking to finalize task list for DSpace 7 Estimation Process
  • Review our updated Task List
    • Filter out tasks that are "out of scope" for DSpace 7 (likely in DSpace 8 or beyond)
    • Define/scope/subdivide tasks that we want to estimate for DSpace 7.0 inclusion
  • Looking for additional volunteers to help with estimation of tasks!
  • Tim to report back on whether he can be the secondary estimator on all tasks.
410minsWrap-up and Assigning tasks
  • Assign tasks / PRs to review (as needed)
  • Next meeting is Tues, Nov 5