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15 minWelcome & general announcements
25 minQuarterly Finance Report

Quarterly Financial Report


310 minGlobal  representation on DSpace Leadership - a proposal for the at-large Leadership seats

There are more than a dozen regional/national DSpace User Groups around the world. See User Groups for a list.

As part of efforts to better engage with and support these groups, could we nominate members from these groups to fill one or more of the at-large seats on the Leadership Group.

For reference, see Leadership Group.

"The Leadership group also benefits from the participation of:

  • 2 Members nominated by the community at large and voted by the Members..."
Kristi, Michele

15 minChanging the Ex Officio Status of the organizational home seat on Leadership Group

Proposal for consideration by Leadership:

"As a stakeholder in the success and sustainability of the DSpace community, we propose the organizational home seat on the Leadership Group transition to a voting seat. We propose the seat be available to a representative of the organizational home for as long as the relationship between community and organizational home is active."

Currently, Erin Tripp is serving as the organizational home representative on the Leadership Group, with Laurie Arp serving as interim.


Robert and Laurie will be present to answer questions.

425 minCreating a sustainable path forward for DSpace 7

Given current challenges and delays with DSpace 7 development, how can governance create/support a predictable and viable path forward for DSpace 7 development?

What strategies can Leadership envision for securing resources to accelerate DSpace 7 development (and sustain and grows the Project long-term)? Some possible approaches:

  • Community Sponsorship of certain features. This would include “adopt-a-feature”.
  • Strategic Grant applications.
  • A concerted outreach to the current members.
  • An end-of-the year campaign where the membership is encouraged to contribute unused funds.
  • Accelerated volunteer code contribution.
6if time allowsAOB