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Update from Laurie Arp (in Erin's role during her leave) and Robert Miller. The main change after the merger is that ArchiveSpace and CollectionSpace are now in the same division as the DuraSpace programs. The retreat showed that all programs experience the same issues and have things they can share with each other, such as their approach towards accessibility, estimating development timelines, etc. Lyrasis is also starting with the It Takes A Village approach to evaluate sustainability strategies for DSpace. Sustainability encompasses more than just the financial component - an open discussion about governance, technology, resources, and community engagement is important and will be part of this process.


Robert: They could start by identifying 2-3 mission critical opportunities needed for survival and how can they those be shared with the organization. Obviously important ones are DSpace 7 and how to show members that it's moving forward. Another one is resource planning.

Laurie: If there is a sustainability group already established, it will make sense for it to proceed with this work. Plus Lyrasis has a membership taskforce that will be looking at how membership can be improved in the following year after the merger.

Website updates: Lyrasis will try to ensure the existing website is updated & accurate, including for people institutions to check whether they have paid their membership fee dues and whether it has been received, etc. It will be preferable to have it under the Lyrasis brand to facilitate easy discovery. Laurie will follow up on which channel of communication to use while the website is being updated, and with the timeline for the website update. 


DSpace budget and resources

Update from Laurie Arp.Duraspace  Duraspace & Lyrasis handle fiscal things differently: Duraspace was on a calendar year, Lyrasis fiscal year starts July 1. Leadership will receive quarterly fin updates. The balance sheet from June 30, 2019 is the snapshot of the previous fiscal year, before the merge. Deferred revenue is membership recognized throughout the year.

The DSpace budget for 2019-2020 is now available in the Lyrasis format. It reflects transitioning the previous balance, including the difference differences in which DuraSpace and Lyrasis itemize things (e.g. staff time and benefits were combined into one - they are now separated). The new budget includes updated projections for the year. Given the revenue projections and the costs, this fiscal year should see about $30,000 profit for DSpace.


Lieven: We don't have specific problems finishing up DSpace 7. It is currently driven by 2 service providers (Atmire and 4Science). Additional funding would help speed things up but would not be to fix any problems. Extra funding could be used to attract external developers. A number of features could be listed for institutions to volunteer to contribute towards the development of that specific feature. It is important to note that onboarding new developers requires mentoring that would take away from dev work - so the improvement would not be felt in the short term.

Jyrki: Further discussion of a concrete plan should be discussed had within SG. 

Lieven: The soonest we will be able address this is after the current Estimation Process.


Update from the DSpace 7 Marketing Group (Heather Greer Klein & SuzannaSusanna Mornati). The community is expecting dates for the beta release. The group proposes to make it clear that as an OS community, they we can't commit to a specific date. Instead the group is we are focusing on quality and development efforts. The emphasis will be on a positive message. More accurate information will be available after the Estimation Process is completed. In the meantime institutions can be encouraged to go ahead with DSpace 6.