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  • Connection of CRIS Entities (Project, Awards) via autocomplete with Publications (ongoing) 

    A first description of the feature can be found here. Enhancements are in progress.
    University of Bamberg & Hamburg University of Technology
  • Improvements for switching en/de (done)
    University of Bamberg & Hamburg University of Technology

  • Integration of the Unpaywall API in the Submission Workflow (ongoing)
    Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg
  • Highlight changes in the Submission Workflow for new version (ongoing)
    Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg
  • Vertical and horizontal tabs in CRIS Entities (done)
    It will be an alternative layout for the CRIS object page highly configurable. Instead to use tabs a left menu will be introduced, with the possibility to group different sections (i.e. tabs) under a common label to build a hierarchical menu. Tabs not listed for the vertical menu will appear on the top of the CRIS content as horizontal buttons. The feature is NOT planned to be merged in the official code base but will be available on the HSU github public repository for other interested party. The source code is available here
    most come in with this commit
    Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg
  • Hierarchical tree structure (based on the DSpace-GLAM solution) for CRIS-entities in general (ongoing)
    Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg
  • "Add fulltext / Create new version" and "green open access publication"-feature (various entry points) (ongoing)
    "Add fulltext" enables e.g. authorized logged in users to jump directly in the submission workflow again to add the fulltext for dspaceitems, which has been published first as "only metadata"-submission. Enhancements are in progress.
    Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg
  • Visual clustering and distinction of researcher profiles by status (e.g. in the "people"-section of orgunit-profiles or in facets) (done)
    Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg
  • Visual distinction of organization units by type (done)
    Helmut-Schmidt-University Hamburg
  • Duplicate Check for imports (done)
    DSpace's duplicate check is triggered on the first page of the submission form. For manually added records this is early enough, but for records taken from a database import operation, this is a bit too late. So it would be a nice feature to see a duplicate warning already on the search result page after looking for new records in databases.
    Hamburg University of Technology (Oliver Goldschmidt ), University of Bamberg ( Steffen Illig )
  • Update ORCID integration to use ORCID API v3 (ongoing)DSpace CRIS should be able to use ORCID API v3
    Hamburg University of Technology (Oliver Goldschmidt )
  • Improve ORCID Lookup (ongoing)The person lookup in DSpace CRIS can contain a lookup operation in ORCID. This operation is pretty slow and can delay the lookup process significantly. The ORCID lookup can be parallelized to improve performance. So it could be a good idea to split the lookup into two steps: first only the local database is searched. A button should be added to the lookup window to allow the user to lookup in ORCID as the second step. As ORCID Lookup is only allowed if the ORCID is definitely known, this would allow ORCID Lookup on demand and would improve lookup performance at once. Hamburg University of Technology (Oliver Goldschmidt )

Working on

University Kassel/disy (Stefan Lossow)Impact Pathway
University Kassel/disy (Stefan Lossow)API to DPMA or EPO patent database