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We would like to have that integration for the various lookup use cases as one more simplification to get content into the entities.
Interested: Hamburg University of Technology (Oliver Goldschmidt ), State and University Library Hamburg (Phu Tu )
The Library Code (Kim Shepherd and Pascal-Nicolas Becker ) are starting to implement this and will provide it back to DSpace-CRIS once it is done.

  • Better import of BibTex and RIS files

    The import of BibTex or RIS files in DSpace (-CRIS) using the gr.ekt code should be upgraded: the current import does not take into account differences between document types. For example, RIS input fields can map to different Dublin Core fields depending on document type.
    Interested in: University of Bamberg (Steffen Illig

  • Mapping entered text fields to CRIS entities (important for all kind of data transfers or imports) .

    Mapping entered text fields to CRIS entities during an data transfer (e.g. ORCID, DOI, ..) or an import (e.g. BibTex, RIS) doesn't work very well. While we have made a improvement in our DSpace-Cris to map an author text field to the correct CRIS-Entity (rp01234), a generalisation which could be adopted for other CRIS-Entities (like series, journals..) would be very helpful.
    Interested in: University of Bamberg (Steffen Illig .