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The Islandora Solr search module allows you to search the Solr index.  The Islandora Solr Sample Configuration module provides default display profiles to the module. The module makes four new blocks available; two for search and two for display.  The other block is called the Advanced Search Block and does fielded searches against the Solr index.  Both blocks would use whatever request handler is configured in the module settings. For information on how to configure the Solr module, see Islandora Solr Search.

Installation Steps:

  1. Verify that fedoraGSearch and Solr are both installed and running.
    Go to http://localhost:8080/solr
  2. Solr does not automatically load existing content upon installation. Go to Core Admin -> Reload tab
  3. Download the Islandora Solr Search Module and install as a Drupal module, as you did in the Starter Kit modules
  4. Log in to your Drupal site to enable the islandora_solr_search module. Administer > Modules and enable Islandora Solr Search
  5. Access the [Structure]:[Blocks] tab, go to the bottom of the blocks list in the Disabled section, find the "+ Islandora simple search" block and drag it up to the Sidebar first section.
  6. Replace the original Drupal search block with the one from Islandora on the sidebar
  7. You should now be able to see the Islandora search box in the on the sidebar. 
  8. To allow other users than Admin (user 1) to see the Islandora simple Search box, or search the solr index, grant them the 'Search the Solr Index' Drupal Permission at /admin/people/permissions.