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  • A variety of SWORDv1 Clients (in various languages/tools) are available off of
  • DSpacealso comes with an optional SWORDv1 Client which can be enabled to deposit content from one DSpace to another.
  • An example SWORDv1 ZIP package is available in the DSpace Codebase at:
  • Finally, it's also possible to simply deposit a valid SWORD Zip package via common Linux commandline tools (e.g. curl). For example:

    Code Block
    # Deposit a SWORD Zip package named "" into a DSpace Collection (Handle 123456789/2) as user ""
    # (Please note that you WILL need to obviously modify the Collection location, user/password and name of the SWORD package)
    curl -i --data-binary "" -H "" -H "Content-Type:application/zip" -H "X-Packaging:" -u[password] http://[dspace.url]/sword/deposit/123456789/2
    # Template 'curl' command:
    #curl -i --data-binary "@[zip-package-name]" -H "Content-Disposition:filename=[zip-package-name]" -H "Content-Type:application/zip" -H "X-Packaging:" -u [user]:[password] http://[dspace.url]/sword/deposit/[collection-handle]

DSpace Demo 7 Server: Service Documents

 In DSpace 7, the SWORD interfaces are on the backend, so the correct URLs are