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7.0 Beta 3 Release Notes

titleGet Started / Try it out!

To try out DSpace 7.0 Beta 3 immediately, see Try out DSpace 7

Full (manual) installation instructions are also available at Installing DSpace.

For more information on the upcoming Beta and Final release schedule see DSpace 7 Release Goals.

Included in Beta 3

  • Processes Admin UI (video) allows Administrators to run backend scripts/processes while monitoring their progress & completion. (Login as an Admin, select "Processes" in sidebar)
    • Currently supported processes include "index-discovery" (reindex site), "metadata-export" (batch metadata editing CSV export), and "metadata-import" (batch metadata editing CSV import).
  • Manage Account Profile allows logged in users to update their name, language or password. (Login, click on the account icon, and select "Profile")
  • New User Registration (video) and password reset on the Login Screen 
  • Login As (Impersonate) another account allows Administrators to debug issues that a specific user is seeing, or do some work on behalf of that user.  (Login as an Admin, Click "Access Control" in sidebar, Click "People".  Search for the user account & edit it. Click the "Impersonate EPerson" button.  You will be authenticated as that user until you click "Stop Impersonating EPerson" in the upper right.)
    • Requires "webui.user.assumelogin=true" to be set in your local.cfg on backend.  Also be aware that you can only "impersonate" a user who is not a member of the Administrator group.
  • Manage Authorization Policies of an Item allows Administrators to directly change/update the access policies of an Item, its Bundles or Bitstreams.  (Login as an Admin, Click "Edit" → "Item" in sidebar, and search for the Item.  Click the "Authorization.." button on its "Status" tab.
  • Manage Item Templates of a Collection allows Administrators to create/manage template metadata that all new Items will start with when submitted to that Collection. (Login as an Admin, Click "Edit" → "Collection" in sidebar and search for the Collection.  Click the "Add" button under "Template Item" to get started.)
  • Administer Active Workflows (video) allows Administrators to see every submission that is currently in the workflow approval process.  From there, they have the option to delete Items (if they are no longer needed), or send them back to the workflow pool (to allow another user to review them).  (Login as an Admin, Click "Administer Workflow" in sidebar)
  • CC License step allows your users to select a Creative Commons License as part of their submission.  Once enabled in the "item-submission.xml" (on the backend) it appears as part of the submission form.
  • Angular CLI compatibility was added to the User Interface.  This allows developers to easily update the User Interface using standard Angular commandline tools.  More information (including tutorials) is available at
  • English, Latvian, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Finnish language catalogs
  • Numerous bugs were fixed based on early user testing. (Thanks to all who've tested Beta 1 or Beta 2 and reported your feedback!)  Some bugs fixed include:
    • Login/Logout session fixes (including compatibility with Firefox and Safari browsers)
    • Improved Community/Collection tree browsing performance
    • Fixes to editing Communities, Collections and Items.  This includes improved drag & drop reordering of bitstreams in an Item.
    • Improved performance of Collection dropdown in submission
    • Ability to download restricted bitstreams (previously these would error out)
    • Authorization & security improvements in both REST API and UI
  • Upgraded all REST API dependencies (Spring, Spring Boot, HAL Browser) and enhanced our automated testing via additional Integration Tests.
  • All features previous mentioned in 104566901 and 104566901 below