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  1. Issues requiring discussion / decision
    1. "Clarify that implementations MUST support creation of all three LDPC types" (OR NOT!) – (issue-386)

    2. "Rules for setting `ldp:membershipResource`, `ldp:hasMemberRelation`, `ldp:insertedContentRelation`" – 

      issue-387– suggestion that there is agreement here but this will depend a bit on the resolution of #389
    3. "Do we intent to require the constraints document link on all responses?" – issue-380

  2. Issues that can probably be marked "defer":
    1. "Support for fixity verification?" – issue-373– If we have agreement that this is sidecar spec (think we do) then can we mark the issue "defer"?

    2. "Possible future support for compliance levels/profiles for the Fedora API?"  – issue-388

    3. "Define opposite of #PreferInboundReferences" - issue-392

    4. "memento:OriginalResource Interaction Model Qs" - issue-393

  3. Yet-to-be-created issues

    1. if-modified-since-subsecond... see slack from Aug 6th


  1. Open Issues
    1. In order to fully support WebAC, discussions revolved around "requiring at least one container type" vs. explicitly requiring basic containment wtih a MUST and MAY/SHOULD for Direct and Indirect.  There was tentative agreement around MUST for Basic and MAY for Direct and Indirect.
    2. Consensus was to require the membership predicate being set upon resource creation with a MUST, and you MAY change it after the fact via PATCH and PUT.  The RECOMMENDED should be changed to SHOULD in Simeon's second bullet in this comment: