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  1. Issues requiring discussion / decision
    1. "Clarify that implementations MUST support creation of all three LDPC types" (OR NOT!) – (issue-386)

    2. "Rules for setting `ldp:membershipResource`, `ldp:hasMemberRelation`, `ldp:insertedContentRelation`" – 

      issue-387– suggestion that there is agreement here but this will depend a bit on the resolution of #389
    3. "Do we intent to require the constraints document link on all responses?" – issue-380

  2. Issues that can probably be marked "defer":
    1. "Support for fixity verification?" – issue-373– If we have agreement that this is sidecar spec (think we do) then can we mark the issue "defer"?

    2. "Possible future support for compliance levels/profiles for the Fedora API?"  – issue-388

    3. "Define opposite of #PreferInboundReferences" - issue-392

    4. "memento:OriginalResource Interaction Model Qs" - issue-393

  3. Yet-to-be-created issues

    1. if-modified-since-subsecond... see slack from Aug 6th


  1. Open Issues
    1. In order to fully support WebAC, discussions revolved around "requiring at least one container type" vs. explicitly requiring basic containment wtih a MUST and MAY/SHOULD for Direct and Indirect.  There was tentative agreement around MUST for Basic and MAY for Direct and Indirect. Simeon Warner will draft a PR
    2. Consensus was to require the membership predicate being set upon resource creation with a MUST, and you MAY change it after the fact via PATCH and PUT.  The RECOMMENDED should be changed to SHOULD in Simeon's second bullet in this comment:  Simeon Warner will draft a PR.
    3. Consensus was to strike the language from 3.5 about requiring the interaction model to be recorded in the constraints doc. Simeon Warner will draft a PR.
  2. Possible deferments
    1. Talk about #391, #392, and #393 next time
    2. Defer #373 and #388.
    3. Esmé Cowles will create a ticket for If-Modified-Since-Subsecond
  3. Next meeting - nothing next week, next is 2018-09-12 - API Spec Meeting

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