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LG and SG members: (attendees in bold)

Federico Ferrario & Alessandro (CINECA), Ann Beynon (Clarivate), Robert Cartolano (Columbia), Tom Cramer (Stanford), Muhammad Javed (Cornell), Julia Trimmer (Duke), Hannah Sommers (GWU), Anna Guillaumet (SIGMA), Joe Zucca (UPenn), Virginia Pannabecker (Virginia Tech), Terrie Wheeler (Weill Cornell), Alex Viggio (CU Boulder), Paul Albert (Weill Cornell), DJ Lee (TAMU), Mark Newton (Columbia), Andi Ogier (Virginia Tech), Paolo Bonora (CINECA), Tim Marconi (UCSD?)


Erin Tripp


Michael Conlon, Jean Rainwater, Andrew Woods, Doug Hahn, Eric Meeks


  1. Review agenda: Julia, 5 minutes
  2. Membership Drive: Group discussion, 30 minutes. See discussion questions and background information here.
  3. Updates: Julia, 5 minutes
    1. Elections – bronze, community, SG chair, SG members. Draft procedure for electing the SG members here.
    2. Conference proposal
  4. Testing for VIVO 1.10.0: Julia and others, 20 minutes. See summary of testing here.


  1. Need more people for the Membership Drive task force to proceed
    1. Membership drive is important to catch up with prospects
    2. Ideas for recruiting people from Steering/Leadership? If we don't get more, how do we proceed?
    3. See linked document (above)
    4. Kitio was interested in helping, but doesn't have time during working hours
    5. Brainstorm ways for task force to work?
      1. DJ: Library school works with library community work together, but hasn't seen strong collab between school and library. Was thinking about iSchool's role in helping to strengthen this collab. Incoming iSchool chair was DJ's mentor.
      2. DJ: Might contribute with task force at some level. Will give it some thought.
      3. Erin: Met with Mike yesterday and talked about DavidW's involvement in membership campaign
      4. Erin: Getting a community together is important for this and future years.
      5. Erin: Split focus on new members for this year as well as prospecting for future years.
      6. Erin: Getting Michaele involved in TF would be good. Success.
      7. Erin: DSpace ambassador program successful as start of prospecting cycle. McMaster example: took 2-3 years before membership became a reality.
      8. Ann: On task force (smile) would like to see others join
      9. Federico: still ramping up as new members, so prefer to listen and learn – in Italy most universities have CINECA as member representative
      10. Julia: campaign to publicize what current members get out of their membership – on or Twitter
      11. Anna: SIGMA has developers and is starting to work with VIVO, so once understand better can identify another person to work with
      12. Hannah: Are there areas we are hoping to move into? What would growth or transformation look like? The next space to be in?
      13. Hannah: What is a realistic goal for next 6 or 12 months?
      14. Hannah: Membership campaign should be owned in common by Leadership group.
      15. Virginia: Can join task force.
      16. Virginia: Likes the ambassador program idea and VIVO Stories.
      17. Ann: Erin was working on the VIVO Stories and believes she is developing case studies and interviewing VIVO users.
      18. Terrie: to Hannah's question we have a goal "10% new members or increase in revenue"
      19. Terrie: happy to participate on task force and be an ambassador ("we became a member because... software, tools, camaraderie, sharing")
      20. Mark: Might be useful for Leadership group to document the networks they are members of such as other Librarian and IT groups – interesting to surface for membership group, to connect prospect to someone already in a related professional network
      21. Javed: Time limited to join membership group being member of 4 other VIVO groups, however, interested in knowing what is required to be a part of this task force. Maybe he could contribute in presenting VIVO to other groups/prospects. Has done this for NISO and in Denmark. Can help in this way.
      22. Paul: useful to develop a simplified model of the maturity of different VIVO sites... "exploring" "piloting" "implementing" "in production"
      23. Alex: really like the idea of ambassador program – seen much success with these and other "tech evangelist" programs in industry from huge companies (Microsoft MVPs) to startups (Figshare or Altmetric)
      24. Alex: possibly consider different membership drive approaches for public universities which might have different funding levels or purchasing/payment models and private schools?
      25. Julia: could discuss ambassador program in community action planning
      26. Tom: still feel relatively new, less equipped to represent VIVO in a membership drive, doesn't have time for bi-weekly call, happy to make calls
  2. Discuss nominations and elections for Leadership and Steering Groups
    1. Leadership community member nominations still open (Alex: form says Friday June 25 should be Monday)
    2. Electing 5 members of Leadership to also serve on Steering – Mike will be taking nominations through email until July 20, and elections first week in August.
  3. VIVO 2019 conference call for proposals to host
    1. Julia: we've just finished putting call document/materials together
    2. Michaele and Violeta reaching out to several sites with materials and asking for replies by August 6
    3. No dates, probably not August 2019
    4. Tom: some discussion at VIVO conference about doing a user group meeting combining VIVO, Elsevier, Clarivate, Digital Science around research intelligence and analytics – VIVO could be a neutral host for this event, and maybe the event could be scheduled with the annual conference
    5. Tom: if international conference is more remote (for US attendees) then might want to do this user meeting separately
    6. Anna: the next VIVO conference could be in Europe? Julia: yes. 
  4. Need help with VIVO 1.10 testing – if we had 3 developers that could spend 3-4 days particularly API, load and performance testing
    1. Javed: a few developers are meeting today and will be doing some testing, but need more developers to complete this process and 1.10 release
    2. Julia: if anyone has thoughts about helping with testing, please contact Andrew Woods