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Sprint #4 (Dates to be determined)


Community Sprints have now been "merged" into the weekly development processes of the DSpace 7 Working Group.  This working group is running ongoing sprints from Feb to approximately June 2020 to complete the 7.0 release.  If you'd like to join that effort, join a Working Group meeting (see wiki page above) or contact us via Slack (#dev-sprint channel)

Sprint Planning / Details

See DSpace See DSpace 7 Community Sprint 4 for 4 for details about Sprint tasks/goals.


  • We have no requirements for your availability during sprint weeks. However, we do ask that you attempt to clear your schedule enough to work on (ideally a few) tickets/tasks during the sprint. At the beginning of the sprint, we'll ask you for your estimated availability (e.g. 20% time or 1 day each week, 40% time or 2 days each week, etc), and work to steer you toward tickets achievable within your available time. You may also specify your exact availability in the signup form below.
  • You will be expected to manage your own work schedule, attend minimal meetings & report your ongoing progress (as described in the below Sprint Schedule96993934).
  • You will be expected to have some existing knowledge of DSpace concepts (on v6 or below) and a willingness to be proactive in learning any new DSpace 7 concepts (see Resources96993934 below), such as Angular and/or REST API. While you are more than welcome to use this Sprint as a learning experience, we will not have any formalized training/workshops during the Sprint week itself. That said, video/materials from last year's DSpace Angular workshop is available in the Resources96993934 below.
  • You will be expected to be proactive in asking for help or asking questions if you get stuck  (see also Support Options96993934 below). Ongoing support will be available on Slack from Sprint Coaches (see below) and other participants. We also have a Zoom video conferencing room (DSpace Meeting Room) available for "face to face" discussions, screen sharing and/or pair programming.