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A list of why VIVO is important to different constituencies - a very pragmatic list with practical examples. Also see "Explaining Linked Data to Your Pro Vice Chancellor" for a good discussion on related topics which can be used for onsite discussions. Please add to this list as you can.


  • Point to data sets and research products


Basic scientists

  • All data is linked within the context of a person - and that data can lead to other valuable sources
  • You can individually brand yourself/research
  • Links can help your search engine rankings rise quickly.
  • Getting funding (linking research to grants).
  • Opening research to the world (imagine having your citations displayed on your affiliate society pages and beyond).
  • Finding collaborators (simplifies the process of identifying experts in a field and reaching out to them).
  • Being "found" by potential collaborators.
  • VIVO can help junior faculty and trainees identify mentors.
  • Find campus events and take advantage of local opportunities.
  • Highlight teaching expertise/responsibilities. Teaching is often a thankless job on campus.
  • Keep current on research in my department, on my campus.
  • Find core research facilities and people with expertise within the cores.
  • Track collaborators.
  • Track competitors.
  • Find support services on campus - library liaison, support personnel within administrative groups, etc.
  • Highlight a changed research direction. Publications often lag ~2 years behind what's actually being done in the lab (Research_Objective statement is a vehicle for this).
  • VIVO's ontology makes information easily findable