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At this stage the calls are open to all experienced DSpace-CRIS developers, if you want to participate please apply on the dspace-cris channel at

Next meetings:

2022-10-12, 14:30-15:20 CEST (UTC+2) 

NB: Usually meeting is held on 2nd Tuesday each month. In this case, because of organizational issues, it is postponed to Wednesday)

Agenda:  TDB

Notes & instruction to attend : 

Past meetings: 

2022-09-13, 11:30-12:20 CEST (UTC+2)

Agenda:  2022.01.02 version overview, currently Work in Progress features

Notes & instruction to attend:

2022-08-09, 11:30-12:20 CEST (UTC+2)

Agenda:  Display of multi language metadata values, Improvements on export process, Improvements on edit and correction requests

Notes & instruction to attend:


2022-06-28, 11:30-12:20 CEST (UTC+2)