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  • Pascal-Nicolas Becker (The Library Code)*

  • Allan Bell (University of British Columbia Library) 

  • John Butler (University of Minnesota)*
  • Suzanne Chase (Georgetown University)

  • Lieven Droogmans (Atmire)*
  • Federico Ferrario / Roberto Suardi (Cineca)

  • Scott Hanrath (University of Kansas) 

  • Barbara Hirschmann (ETH Zurich) 
  • Jyrki Ilva (National Library of Finland)*

  • Jayan Kurian (University of Sunshine Coast)
  • Pierre Lasou (Université Laval)

  • Mariya Maistrovskaya (University of Toronto)
  • Lautaro Julián Matas (LA Referencia / RedCLARA)
  • João Mendes Moreira (Foundation of Science and Technology Portugal)* 

  • Susanna Mornati (4Science)*

  • César Olivares (CONCYTEC)*
  • Jere Odell (Indiana University Purdue University Indiana)

  • Kristi Park (Texas Digital Library) - Chair

  • Beate Rajski (Hamburg University of Technology)
  • Gail Steinhart (Cornell University)(star)
  • Peter Sutton-Long (University of Cambridge, interim)*
  • Maureen Walsh (The Ohio State University Libraries)*







15 minWelcome
Kristi Park
215 minDSpace 7 development

Release plan spreadsheet

Tim Donohue, Heather Greer Klein
210 minDSpace 7 development costsUpdate on the DSpace 7 development costs so far.Laurie Arp
315 minFundraising

Discussion of silver/bronze membership webinars

Kristi Park

510 min

Member engagement

Report on Repositories in the time of COVID19 webinar series

Report on Spanish UG translation effort for wiki

Elections timeline and process

Michele Mennielli
65 minAny other business?



DSpace development


  • DSpace 7 Beta 3 development in progress, following a planning sprint (still ongoing)
  • Unanticipated issues emerging: inadequately scoped issues, early simplifcations not working as expected.
  • Community-based testing has been helpful, but generating bugs that have to be fit into a sprint.
  • Some resources gaps remain: code review. Tim helping but that takes him away from release planning and management.
  • Working with Heather and James English on possible solutions.


  • 20% time dedicated to DSpace.
  • Working with James to implement some new tools that will help with organization and planning, particularly for tracking time, due dates, status of code reviews.
  • Align incentives and processes around getting a beta release out the door.
  • Biggest barrier is code review. Possible approaches/changes.


  • Laurie: Tim has been great at bringing attention to these issues, and can't be expected to fill all of these roles. Heather and James will probably continue to surface areas for improvement.
  • Robert: James brings a lot of great experience to the table. This is really important to do well.
  • Kristi: This is great support from Lyrasis. How can leadership help?

DSpace 7 development costs


  • Invoices so far ~$66K. Beta 1:$33K, Beta 2: $32K (additional invoices to come).


  • Robert: What is the plan to make sure we don't have to use the line of credit? To get the next $60-70K?
  • Kristi: what wiggle room do we have in budget? Laurie: about $50K net assets that we can work with.



  • Bronze/Copper community calls: one reasonably well attended, one cancelled due to low registrations.
  • Asks how follow up calls are going:
    • Kristi: not much initial response to email, will follow up, encourages everyone to try.
    • Susanna: no response so far.


  • Robert: how to make the funds go further? Consider solutions to lower the cost of labor.
  • Tim: Current work is advanced and specialized, and may or may not lend itself to that approach. Current partners carefully chosen for experience and skills. This might work better once DSpace 7 is complete - then enhance.
  • Kristi: Worth exploring; can continue discussion in a future meeting. Big change and might incur additional management overhead and continues movement away from community based development. Would it be useful for us to hear from ArchiveSpace?
  • João: Could work. Is it possible to isolate components for outsourced development?
  • Heather: ASpace is a little different, doesn't have community based development.
  • Pascal: When decision was made to move to paid development, we also agreed we wanted to return to community based development. Advocates for a second position (community manager) to help upskill and organize contributors.
  • Kristi: please try again with Bronze and Copper members. Also start thinking more about engaging with the 2500 DSpace users who are not members.
  • Robert: Is our need for code review and testing an opportunity to reach out to selected non-member users, get work done, and build a relationship?
  • Mic: 2900 users (based on registry). Have been doing what Robert suggests by developing National User Groups. Have gone from 2 to 24 NUGs. Many users were unaware of the community and governance. NUG coordinators call - helping out with engagement, translating materials to Spanish, organizing webinars and trainings. With these things in place, can ask for help and funds.
  • Kristi: asks for expressions of interest in user engagement task force (to convert users to members).

Member engagement


  • Report on Repositories in the time of COVID19 webinar series

    • Two so far, next two in June. Attendees from all over the world.
    • Working on DSpace 7 overview in Spanish.
  • Report on Spanish UG translation effort for wiki

    • Spanish-speaking NUG leaders met, working together.
  • Elections timeline and process


Other business

  • Susanna: ORCID plug-in released for DSpace 5 and 6
  • César: would like to see that integrated into main code for 5 and 6
  • João: asks for live demo? Susanna: coming soon