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Kristi encourages more discussion on the line of credit and fundraising.
Pascal is pessimistic about raising more money in Germany specifically for DSpace 7, although there are efforts by him and Beate to increase the number of memberships in the country.
Pascal is also raising an issue about the MoU in general, and Kristi proposes to have a conversation on that.
Robert is concerned that without a formal Line of Credit, service providers may have not enough confidence about Lyrasis' ability to pay them.
Tim says it is difficult to manage deadlines with volunteers so funding is useful to get reliable resources to make accurate predictions about the releases.
Kristi remarks that predictability is needed to be able to speed up the release.
Gail asks if this policy is going to make a change in the long term.
Kristi says it is a great point, although it does not need to be addressed now. Communication needs to be prepared.
Lieven says that development for DSpace 7 is exceptional for the new architecture and the amount of new features, but it should not happen again in the next few releases, until this technology will become obsolete.
Tim adds that in releases 5 and 6 there were more volunteers from the community, so this situation for version 7 is not the normality.
Kristi: voting for the draft for the Line of Credit, motion passes with 15 17 votes in favour, 15 from the community members (Jere Odell, Jyrki Ilva, Suzanne Chase, Gail Steinhart, John Butler, Kristi Park, César Olivares, Barbara Hirschmann, Mariya Maistrovskaya, Maureen Walsh, Beate Rajski, Scott Hanrath, Allan Bell, Pierre Lasou, Lautaro Matas) plus (16) Pascal Becker 1 from the Certified Partners (Pascal Becker) and 1 from Lyrasis (17) Robert Miller from Lyrasis). Kristi, Jyrki, and Robert will work on how to proceed with it and report back to the LG.