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  • RDMO integration
    A researcher should be able to reuse his own project metadata stored in RDMO. Maybe connection via SWORD. 
    Interested: University of Bamberg (Steffen Illig )

  • Duplicate Check for imports

DSpace's duplicate check is triggered on the first page of the submission form. For manually added records this is early enough, but for records taken from a database import operation, this is a bit too late. So it would be a nice feature to see a duplicate warning already on the search result page after looking for new records in databases.

Interested: Hamburg University of Technology (Oliver Goldschmidt )

Planned/Realized with 4Science

  • Connection of CRIS Entities (Project, Awards) via autocomplete with Publications (ongoing) 

    A first description of the feature can be found here. Enhancements are in progress.
    University of Bamberg & Hamburg University of Technology
  • Improvements for switching en/de (done)
    University of Bamberg & Hamburg University of Technology