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  1. Logistics

    1. Flights? 
    2. Hotels - greenlight
      1. La Quinta Inn near airport:
  2. Defining the outputs of the fly-in
    1. Architectural diagrams
      1. Top-level and Detailed, component-level
      2. APIs and services, specified
    2. Features spreadsheet
      1. Questions to answer:
        1. What will the product will do/support?
        2. What additional business value-add can the re-architecture offer?
        3. What are core? and why?
        4. Which features are in/out/optional?
        5. What audiences are specific features for?
        6. What are the logical groupings for features into modules?
        7. Will we offer multiple product distributions, analogous to VIVO/Vitro?
          1. Perhaps an "enterprise VIVO" vs. a "small-shop VIVO" vs. Vitro
  3. Meeting schedule leading up to Jan 29th
    1. Jan 10th @noon ET
    2. Jan 24th @noon ET


Audio recording

In addition to comments below, notes were also collected on the feature spreadsheet.

  1. Suggestion: Meet for dinner on Monday


  1. Ontology editing?
  2. Content editing?
    • Can content editing be decoupled from read-only rendering
  3. Keep Freemarker pattern?
  4. Configuration
    • Move away from RDF?
    • What do we need in an admin UI?
    • What configuration do we need? and how do we make it available?
  5. Action: All to add "priority" column for each of us into the feature spreadsheet
  6. This group needs to focus on the 2019 plan, but with an eye towards where we would like to be in 5+ years
    • Is there a progressive, incremental plan?
  7. Ontology is a key feature
  8. Editing content
    • Very important to some, not others
    • Is end-user editing a priority?


  •  All to complete priority row
  •  All to review produce diagrams
  •  Andrew Woods to doodle more meetings in Jan
  •  Andrew Woods to create travel planning page

Collection of existing architecture diagrams / resources