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Source Code

  • DSpace and Git
  • DSpace Release Process

Developer Tools for DSpace

  • Configuring Eclipse for DSpace development
  • Configuring IntelliJ for DSpace development
  • Cloud IDE's and DSpace
  • Debugging DSpace
  • Running DSpace in the IDE
  • Running DSpace Tests
  • Understanding Maven
  • XSLT and DSpace

Virtual Boxes and DSpace

  • Getting Started with VM's
  • Vagrant DSpace
  • DSpace and Docker
  • Cloud Services and DSpace

DSpace HOW TO's

  • Styling DSpace
  • Customizing DSpace Discovery
  • Understanding SOLR and DSpace
  • Creating DSpace Crosswalks
  • Building a DSpace REST client
  • Configuring multi-lingual support for DSpace

 Help Desk

  • One on one troubleshooting sessions to help folks configure their developer environments


  • Schedule for 3 days in row rotating the time of day to best work for different parts of the world on each day
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