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What is the best practice for local.cfg?

Currently, I am only documenting host specific overrides in local.cfg.  All settings that are common across my test instances are being made in dspace.cfg or in the appropriate source config file.

Note: this new process is a huge improvement.

Other Issues

  • I have a custom EmbargoSetter that needs to be fixed.
    • This code was triggering a NPE during service initialization.  That triggered thousands of lines of error text that was difficult to interpret.  Perhaps some better try catch logic would be useful to add to the service initialization block.
    • DS-3319 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • XSL overrides to Mirage2 triggered a mvn failure
    • DS-3312 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • dspace/config/spring/api/discovery.xml schema changes
    • The following property has been removed
      •  <property name="sortOrder" value="COUNT"/>
    • And has been replaced with the following        
      • <property name="sortOrderSidebar" value="COUNT"/>
      • <property name="sortOrderFilterPage" value="COUNT"/>
  • Carefully look for new class names in dspace/modules/xmlui/src/main/webapp/sitemap.xmap and merge them with custom overrides
    • In particular, note the removal of StandardOpenSearchGenerator
  • Note the separator needed between element names in dspace/config/dspace.cfg
  • Carefully merge style changes in dspace\modules\xmlui-mirage2\src\main\webapp\themes\Mirage2\styles\_styles.scss
  • Carefully merge config changes in 
    • dspace\solr\search\conf\schema.xml
    • dspace\solr\oai\conf\schema.xml



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